Saturday, August 08, 2009


Hi there. How have you been? I've been good, but very very busy. It's been a hectic few days, I am finally sitting down to relax and write to you. And watching the 15th inning of the Red Sox/Yankees game.

I had a visit from my sister-in-law Erin, and her two very young they wear you out. It was fun having them around, though! We also had TG's niece over to play with them one day. I think the kids had fun together. We went glow-in-the-dark miniature golfing, and played lots of Wiiiiii!

For her visit I made zucchini bread, courtesy of Sugar Plum. Yuuuuummmmmy!
Zucchini Bread: artist's rendering.

I've also been visiting the library, shopping around for TG's birthday gifts (for Monday), and getting ready to make him a cake. Today I found myself with four egg whites leftover from custard-making for said cake, and I went to what everyone's go-to leftover egg white recipe should be: Meringues. They are light and crispy cookies, and sooo good! And fat-free! I kind of feel odd calling them cookies, though, because they aren't like cookies at all. You make the meringue and basically dry them out in the oven more than bake them. They bake at 200 degrees for almost 2 hours. Then you bake 4 layers of cake. Oh wait, no, don't do that.

You know that song by Dave Mathews Band, "Ants Marching"? Yeah.

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