Friday, July 31, 2009

Dr Bronner's Magic "All-One!"

At first glance, this seems to be an unusual, but unassuming soap. Upon closer inspection, however, the design appears to be words.  Inspiring passages which have an evangelical spin, but if you read it, they are kind of hopeful more than religious (if you don't count the God references). "We are all one! Exceptions? None!" Seems nice that they try to make everyone equal.  In preparing this essay, I read up on the history of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap on their website, and I gotta say, it's actually pretty interesting.  Having lost his parents to Nazi Germany, Dr. Bronner, living in America, became somewhat of a folk hero, for his ideas on bringing man together through peace and understanding, and his "Moral ABC."  There was even a documentary made about him.  The writings on the package are all his original teachings, which he started printing on there to help spread his message. 

The smell is a fresh peppermint, made with organic materials, which now always reminds me of bathing in the river on camping trips, since that is where we use this soap.  It's good for all-over. But there are other flavors on their website now (also, quite a scary picture of Dr. Bronner himself, I think), so I might investigate getting other ones to use all the time.  Rose sounds nice.  As for the other uses, I haven't tried any: baby, car, toothpaste, dish detergent, etc. I did use it to shave today. The big bottle also has a lot more messages, from figures such as Thomas Paine and Abraham Lincoln.

We affectionately call this "Jesus Soap," but really, Jesus is not mentioned anywhere on the bottle, only implied...and sometimes that is just the same. 

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