Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Canoe Trip

As promised, proof positive that I went camping. The site was great, perfect for a large crowd, with space for the canoes and rocks to hang out on by the water. We had paddled down the river 10 miles to get there, 10 canoes deep. We were tired, and arms were aching. But the weather held up nicely, it had been hot and breezy most of the day. I survived Day 1 without incident; that was a victory for me. The trouble came after dinner, when it started raining. It was light enough to hang out for a little while, but once it got too heavy, most of us went to bed early.

Later, I was still awake, but had no idea what time it was. The lights were finally out in the other tents, and it was pitch dark outside, except for the glow of the smoldering fire, and the occasional flash of lightning. I could not tell if it was sheet or bolt lightning, it was beyond the trees. But it was probably the brightest I've seen. It was already raining, but then, the thunder and downpour came. The rain lasted the entire night; by morning, skies were clear and the day looked promising to continue down the river. Things went pretty smoothly the whole day (8 more miles), and noone even tipped a canoe!

This is camping: no electricity, no toilet, no luxuries...just you and nature, and, for some...your entire kitchen, just smaller and made of lightweight aluminium. It is unreal how much they have out there for campers to bring along. All the bedrolls and air mattresses and pots and cookers and utensils. The sporting goods store even had a portable blender. A BLENDER! Because after I paddle a canoe 10 miles, I really want a daiquiri.

I guess my point is, neither of us is much of a camper, but for one night, I think we both did pretty well. The trick is to just face facts: you are not going to be home and comfortable, might as well put up with it best you can with as little fuss as possible, and it will all go smoothly. And of course, if you are going to bathe in the river, make it a religious experience with Dr. Bronner's!*

*This is what we "in the biz" call a "teaser."

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Karen said...

Wow! No facilities at all!!! That's tough! But for one night, it's not so bad...And yes, someone may want a mixed drink in the middle of the woods! LOL!