Monday, March 08, 2010

Some Photos

I've been playing with That Guy's old-ish digital SLR camera. It's basically a digital camera on steroids, and has different lenses you can attach. I'd like to start taking food pictures with it, so I tested it out by taking some shots around the apartment. What do you think?

Valentine Candy...
He got me an assortment of truffles, and man were they good. I saved one little guy for last: cinnamon-sugar coated coffee truffle. There were two in the box, and I see why: it was the best one.

Cool candlesticks. They don't match anything, but I love them. Any suggestions for alternate uses? And here are some Christmas presents for my niece and nephew in Maryland...I suppose they will be birthday presents now. Lame.

I call these "Self-Portraits in Downdog." I think that explains it sufficiently.

I have a food post coming up, I will try that with this camera, so look for some cool photos to come!


Karen M. said...

I love those candlesticks!

maria said...

I can see kim's influence.