Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy Things

I've spent this past week of my birthday with friends and fiances. Thank you everyone who hung out on Wednesday and Saturday, I had a lovely birthday. And thanks to That Guy that took me to dinner! It's been busy, but things are back to normal now, and postings should continue per usual. A few things from last week:

I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from TG:

But can anyone tell me, what the heck is this green stem? (Don't say "awesome", because I already know that)

Fun with macro:

And here is a bird hanging around our building, not a raven thank goodness:

This guy was sitting on that windowsill for a while, even when contractors where throwing appliances and drywall very loudly out the window above him. Then he was on our sill for a few minutes, then the wall. I have not seen him since. They are re-doing the building next to us, so it's been quite the entertainment over there. I just need a wheelchair and binoculars and I'll be set.

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