Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cuppy Cakes

I finally had an excuse to make Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake, and boy, I was not disppointed. These cupcakes were moist and rich, and I even left out a little sugar and butter, as I often do (I try). Then I coated them with chocolate ganache and of course, sprinkles. I recommend this recipe highly. Noone should be surprised, really, because everything from that site is good. But I wasn't sure how they would translate to cupcakes; the batter held up very well, except it was the messiest batter I have ever made. It was so runny, and kept dripping all over the pan as I poured the cups. I hate that. I like a nice clean pan so the batter doesn't burn and stick to it forever.

I'm ready for my close-up.

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Karen M. said...

My mouth is watering. Those look so delicious!!!!