Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today I tried something new: repotting plants. Repotting is when you take a seedling and move it to a bigger pot, while getting fresh soil everywhere except in the new pot. Turns out I'm pretty good at this method! Hopefully these little guys will keep growing. For good measure, I stuck a Miracle-Gro stick in each one. I want me some cilantro NOW!

My plants do not look happy about the move, however. That's cilantro on the right and chives on the left. I would love to add some mint, or perhaps dill.

At what point do I move them to bigger pots? I don't want them to get all tenement on me and have the roots mushed up against the sides. We will just have to wait and see them get bigger then figure it out!

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Karen M. said...

LOL...."fresh soil everywhere except in the new pot"....LOL