Thursday, February 19, 2009

A First

Well, I had my first official Baking Total Failure (BTF) today, so I figured that was a good time to start blogging about my cooking escapades --something I'd been kicking around in my head for a while. I had the blog already, having signed up for Blogger years ago, so it was easy enough to start. There are pictures of everything I make, and people often ask how I do things. Well, now I can say "Just check out my terrible amateurish blog with horribly lighted photos!"

I've decided that Wednesdays are a good baking/laundry day. This is my day "off," from work, where everyone's hours have been cut to 32. To fill time, I do chores around the house and bake stuff. Seems like a good use of a day to me.

Anyway, I had bought this big canister of "rolled oats" a couple weeks ago, with the intention of making blueberry oat muffins. Turns out, the muffins required other stuff than blueberries and oats, so I was not prepared to make them, and the canister sat in the cabinet (I did eventually make a simpler blueberry muffin, and they were DE-lish!). I had wanted to try my own granola bars, so this seemed like a good opportunity. On a side note, I also made pita bread from scratch today, which was NOT a BTF. Post to come. Or not.

I found a recipe online here that looked tasty and simple. And indeed, it was quite simple. I followed all the directions, and cooked the liquids together as told; except I used a handful of peanuts instead of what I didn't realize was a full two cups of dried fruit. I pressed the granola mixture into a pan, and sprinkled chocolate chips on top. "Yum!" I thought, and left it to cool while I practiced yoga. Upon my return, I found the contents of the pan to be one very hard, flat rock. A quick trip in the microwave did not fix things, but softened the rock a bit so I could at least taste that it was....not good. It was just ok. Eventually I determined that I should have reduced the liquid sweets to account for less dried fruit and whatnot. Pretty dumb on my part. I do not have a photo, but if I did, you'd be confused, because that rock looked pretty darn delicious.

Also, oats toasting in the oven smells bad. Or did I manage to screw that up to?


Anonymous said...

trying out my comments

Anonymous said...

I am not one for baking tips so good luck with your next batch of muffins. My baking skills are limited to taking the premade cookie dough out of the package and putting it on the sheet. Matter of fact my cooking skills are about equal to my baking. I am leaving this anonymously so you can wonder or maybe not as to who left this.