Saturday, February 28, 2009

Late Night, NYC

A silver CRV navigates the streets expertly, turning onto a one-way with cars parked on both sides. It comes to a stop behind a cab, which is behind a green Honda, blinker on, waiting for a parking spot. The spot opens; Honda pulls up to get ready to park...and so does the cab, apparently trying to get around the Honda in the narrow street. CRV backs up a bit to allow room. Honda gets out of the car, yells at the cabbie to move, but nothing happens. Everyone waits. Honda leans against his car, undeterred. He cannot park with the cab there, but is determined to keep the priceless spot.

Cabbie unloads his passengers; perhaps they see what is going on and don't want to be involved. Horns honk. The minutes tick by. A passenger from the CRV decides to talk to Cabbie, and returns looking angry; "He won't back up. Thats all it is." By now the street must be jammed back to the West Side Highway, and more and more people are getting angry. Some other drivers hear the Cabbie won't move, and and also try to talk to him, but more angrily. They gather around his cab, about five or six guys, all getting riled up as Cabbie refuses to move. They hit the cab. They yell. A few return to their own cars. Still, Honda leans patiently, watching, waiting. A crowd is gathering on the street. More horns honk, people are yelling. CRV cannot believe this is happening...

Fifteen minutes into it, a miracle...Cabbie announces he will move. Cheers all around, and comments from the sidewalk that Honda better park perfectly. Honda parks, the cab moves, and finally! It is over. Until: stopped at a traffic light at the next corner, Honda runs up to the cab, having successfully parked. He yells, kicks the car; Cabbie is yelling too. CRV is saying just go through the intersection please! Honda leaves, Cabbie drives away, and now it is over.

You can't make this stuff up.

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Karen said...

Good old NYC...people are so pleasant there! LOL.