Saturday, June 20, 2009


For our yearly trip to see the Orioles at Camden Yards, we decided to see them play the Mets. We are from New Jersey, but not Mets fans, and I am an Orioles fan anyway.

We got there early afternoon, so after checking into the hotel (super nice Raddison Lord Baltimore), we went to the Inner Harbor to eat. Check this out, a restaurant that serves pretzels instead of bread! Since it was a weekday, the harbor was pretty empty, and there were many Mets fans who also made the trip south (including all the other patrons of the restaurant, as you can see below).

We eventually made our way to the stadium, and took some time to watch the Mets' batting practice (a ball came right at me, and bounced about a foot don't realize, it's REALLY scary watching a line drive get bigger and bigger as it comes at you). This lady in orange and white was doing all the same stretches as the pitcher as he warmed up. We have actually seen her on TV when the O's played the Yankees...she followed his every move.

By the 9th inning, it was looking pretty bad for our O's, but the kids in front of us were getting really into it, which got us more involved, and we donned our Rally Caps. They actually scored a couple runs, and had bases loaded for a while, but it was not enough to win the game. Oh well. The Oriole bird paid a visit to our section too, he's so cute! Mets fans kept hugging him and getting their Met-sy fan hands all over him. Psh!

We ended the night at a nice bar where they had lots of unusual-style beers, made right there on premises ("Cask ales" it said -- I am SO informed). On our way out of the city the next morning, it was raining, but we drove past Charm City Cakes, of "Ace of Cakes" fame. It's a very nice building in a very nondescript neighborhood (read: shabby).

Here is when That Guy said "Maybe I'll take the picture with the window down instead"

The final stop on our drive home was a Waffle House. Waffle House is a staple of the South, and I think the one we went to in Maryland was probably the Northernmost establishment. I have not seen them farther. Sadly, I do not have a picture. We had waffles and hash browns and toast, and the whole bill was only $13.95. How is it so cheap?? I will never know. After considering a dine-n-dash, we paid and continued our trek homeward, having enjoyed all that Maryland can offer in 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

Oh My that the General with an O's hat on???

He really does love you....


Karen said...

How cool! You were on TV!