Saturday, June 06, 2009

Chef Central

Has anyone been to the store Chef Central? I got a giftcard for my birthday, so my friend (the one the card came from!) and I went today. It is a plethora of kitchen gadgets and accessories. Picture the kitchen part of Bed Bath and Beyond, and then like double it or so. They had plasticware of every kind, a huge grilling section, as well as sections on specific foods, like sushi making and pasta making, and a gourmet food section.

I had three specific items I needed, the rest would be a free-for-all: an apron, basting brush, and wire cooling rack. I didn't get the apron, because they didn't have one I really liked. But the others I got. I love silicone basting brushes, this one even comes apart to clean it.

With the rest, I found some yummy (looking- I having tried them yet) Huckleberry Fruit Spread and Apple Butter. They are from Oregon Growers and Shippers, whom I had never heard of, but has wonderful-looking fruit and honey spreads. I will try to come up with a good recipe to use them, but the website suggests huckleberry pancakes. That would be good with the Butter Pecan Syrup from there as well! MMMMM

Lastly, there is this guy:

That's right, everything SHOULD taste like bacon. Not sure what I will do with him yet, but I'll keep you posted.


Karen said...

Russ would love those pancakes...he needs the calories too!!!

Anonymous said...

you of all people have never ben to chef central. Hard to beleive. I have had huckleberry jam in Montana. it is really yummy! Enjoy.