Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Carb-less Dinner

Not really.

You know those Pasta Bowls that Domino's advertises? Pasta baked right into a bowl of...bread. Well, they LOOK good in theory, but really, trying something like that from Domino's, you have about 50/50 chance of it being good. For the record: I would try it.

Anyway, my first thought was, "Psh, I could make that." So I did. Please excuse the terrible photo, circumstances were not with me that day.

It's easier than it looks. Just make a simple baked ziti for the middle (sauce and grated cheese), and use canned Pillsbury pizza crust for the bowls. it takes a little work to make it the bowl shape (I made two from one can), but once you place the pasta in and bake, the shape comes through on its own. Bake according to the package, then when theres five mintues left, top it with cheese. I also brushed olive oil on the crust and put a little garlic powder on it.

These were so good. I just hope Domino's doesn't show up at my door and get me for copyright infringement or something.


Karen said...

OMG that looks delicious!

Emily said...

Mmm this sounds so good! I've seen those commercials but never tried their pasta bowls. Think of how much money you saved!