Friday, November 20, 2009

Cake Pops

I finally made Bakerella's infamous Cake Pops. Hers are always amazingly adorable; I could not even get mine into "smooth coating" territory. Plus, I think I used too much frosting.


The idea here is you take some cake, crumble it, and mix it with some frosting. This makes the cake pliable so you can make it into a ball and dip it in chocolate. Presto! Cake Pops. As you can see from Bakerella's site, there's a multitude of applications for these. I will try them again someday, and hopefully they will work out a little better!


I'm keeping this short, as I am sick as a dog.* I was feeling fine for a while yesterday, then it hit me hard with the congestion and coughing and whatnot. And I had to go to a job interview. Fabulous.** You don't want to hear me talk, it sounds terrible.

*I hate that phrase. What does it even mean anyway? What dog? How sick is this dog? Is it time for me to be put down, since that's what they do with sick dogs? I also hate when people say "Cold as hell." That doesn't even remotely make sense.

**Turns out it was a part-time job. Bump dat.

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Karen said...

Those are so CUTE!!! Gimme one!!! Feel better soon :)