Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Evidence

Something has been brought to my attention by a detail-conscious reader that even I didn't notice when reasearching for the Rice Krispies post. Mainly, this:

They are not "Jumbo Rice Krispies," they are "Jumbo Multi-grain Krispies." Somehow this is worse for me; now instead of admitting it's a completely different cereal, they are hiding under the trendy guise of "multi-grain." Multi-grain is usually BS when it comes to cereal, but that is a different post.

This makes a big difference. In all my investigating of the physical properties of the cereal, I overlooked the basic marketing of the name on the box. I did what most humans would: breezed over the smaller word, and inferred "krispies" to mean "rice krispies." That really tells you something about how far implanted into our brains the original Krispies are.

As for my own misconception, I blame the commercial, where I was first introduced to the product: a woman is giving her little girl the Jumbo Krispies, and the girl is amazed at how big they are! Thereby implying "whoa these are huge Rice Krispies!"

To sum up: I am angry at Kellogg's. But I still love their delicious breakfast foods.


Anonymous said...

I can't be an "alert reader?"

ardie said...

haha I chose NOT to steal that from Dave Barry ;)