Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Are you ready...


Acme is!

Acme is a grocery store around here. They are having a huge sale on Pepsi this week (got us some Throwback!), and the entraceway had this neat display. It does say the whole word Superbowl, XLIV (complete with goal posts), it just didn't fit in the photo.

I left Acme pondering who would take the time to do that? Some crafty Pepsi delivery guy? Does he put up giant Superbowl Pepsi displays at every stop? It must make his route very long.

Or maybe, it's the manager, and he's an overly demanding guy who made the college students who work there stay late one night to put it together, because dammit, we have all this Pepsi, we might as well USE IT!

For more grocery store-football oddities, check out this post from Cake Wrecks. Enjoy the big game everybody! Go Team of Indeterminate Origin!


Sarah said...

I am the only kid in my family that did not work at ACME...that's right..both of my brothers and my sister worked there. And when I lived in Frostburg several people questioned me if it was the ACME as in the ACME products used to try and kill the roadrunner, seriously.

Karen M. said...

LOL our grocery store did the same thing!

ardie said...

Haha! TG worked at Acme, as did many people I know here. In my town it was ShopRite.