Sunday, September 13, 2009

One Last Trip

We saw our last baseball game of the season yesterday. Orioles at Yankees, at Yankee Stadium (duh). It was sort of spur-of -the-moment (that's hard to type, with all the hyphens), as we were planning to go to the game Friday, but since Derek Jeter was breaking a record of some sort, the ticket prices, even on StubHub, became too ridiculous for us.
This time, and with my Orioles cap firmly in place, we sat in the outfield bleachers, about 3 seats away from an honest to goodness Bleacher Creature! He even seemed to be the ringleader, what luck! He led everyone on the traditional roll call, where they chant each player's name until he acknowledges them. I took video, but it came out terrible, since I was trying to chant as well. So instead, here's how it went, just louder:

MEL-KY! (repeat)
JERR-Y! (repeat)
SWISH-ER! (repeat)
MARK TE-XIER-A! (repeat)
ROBB-IE! (repeat)
DER-EK JE-TER! (repeat)
A-ROD! (repeat)

I think there were about 12 Orioles fans in attendance. Fortunately there was one a few rows behind us, and I kept turning around to celebrate with him. We got a home run AND a grand slam! And we won, 7-2. Good game! :)

By this time in the season, Nick Swisher (33) has worn himself two nice big divots to keep his spot in the outfield. The groundskeepers must loooove him.

I just took this pic because I liked the way the guys looked with almost matching shirts.

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