Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time Wasters

Today we are going to focus on other blogs (which, oops...coincides with Cake Wrecks doing similiar this week). Not just good blogs, but blogs that are useful for killing time. Whether you are killing time at home, at work, driving a car, or on the toilet, these are straight-up time wasters. Most are also good for a laugh, if you need a pick-me-up. Since I already link to my favorite blogs on the right sidebar, I will not list them again. These are ones that I go to occasionally for a quick laugh. That's the key, that it's one quick look and you're done, or you can browse the archives for hours. Fun!

Cute Overload : Cute animals and cute captions and omgit'ssooooocute!

Ninjerktsu : Awesomely drawn comic about a ninja, that is also kind of a jerk.

Photoshop Disasters : Printed materials with images where something just isn't right.

Animals With Casts : The name says it all. Why do animals' casts always have cute pictures on them? To make them extra sad/cute?

Lovely Listing : Funny pictures from listings of houses for sale (Things that make you go "why is THAT in the living room?!").

I Can Haz Cheezburger : Cats with captions that clarify for us what they are thinking.

I lost a good 15 minutes browsing for this picture. Ah kittehs...

Flip Flop Fly Ball : Baseball charts. Really interesting if you are into statistics. And baseball. And especially baseball statistics.

Interactive Top Ten List : An oldie but goodie. There's two top ten lists per week, and readers get to submit all the content for them! (Need proof? Search "ardnax" and you'll find every list I've had my suggestions picked for)

This post took about an hour longer to write that was needed, thanks to me going to all these links and getting distracted (including searching for myself on the Top Ten List to "make sure it still works." Heh.)

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