Tuesday, October 06, 2009

We Picked Things

It was a beautiful day for apple picking on Sunday! Partly cloudy, with a nice warmth when the sun was out and not too much chill when it was clouded over. TG and I went up to Warwick Valley Winery in New York with a few friends and two toddlers. You can go there and hang out on the lawn for the day, then buy a bag and fill it with apples. They also had a store for wine and wine tasting. The crowd was ridiculous, there was a line for everything: food outside, food inside, buying wine, using the bathroom, etc etc. The apple selection was great though, we got some really big ones, along with a couple bottles of wine to enjoy on a forthcoming winter evening.

I hope I didn't get any syphillis-ridden ones like The Spiteful Chef. Or maybe its ick, like fish get.

To celebrate our beautiful bounty, I will be making a lot of apple recipes and posting them here during Apple Week, in the near future. You'll be coming to the blog, when suddenly, all-unexpected like, there will be daily apple posts for a whole WEEK*! Check back soon!

*Length of week to be determined. Calendar may be shortened for blogging purposes.

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Emily said...

Wow, I want to go apple picking too! Looks like fun.