Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Investigative Investigation of Things

Cereal: Part Four
Cookie Crisp vs. Actual Cookies

I was very excited about this one. I looooove Cookie Crisp cereal, and I love chocolate chip cookies. (Note: Both are abbreviated "CCC", so I'll have to spell them out completely when using the names). And who forgets the commercials with the cartoon dog (wolf?), "COOOOOOOOOOOkie Crisp!" For this experiment, I made up a batch of my Grandmother's cookies to compare the two.

You can see the obvious difference here immediately: size. The cereal is tiny compared to the cookie. When biting into it, the texture if the cereal is crisper, not very cookie-ish. There are no noticeable chips, just small spots that appear chocolatey. Honestly, now that I've attempted this comparison, it seems silly (I am aware of the irony of that statement), because frankly, nothing beats a chocolate chip cookie. Nothing.

FACT: Cookie Crisp "chips" are actually flecks of chocolate posing as chips.

Try putting a chocolate chip cookie in a bowl, it just doesn't look right. Now surround it with Cookie Crisp cereal: still doesn't look right. Believe me, I tried:

In addition, chocolate chip cookies are best dunked in milk, I think that can be argued pretty well. But Cookie Crisp cereal is meant to sit in milk for several minutes. What's the difference? When a cookie is dunked, it absorbs the milk quickly, becoming a squishy cookie mass. When the cereal is dunked, it doesn't have time to absorb. Plus, your fingers get wet. So I do not recommend dunking Cookie Crisp. Just be satisfied pouring milk on it. I do however, think that pouring milk over broken-up cookies would turn into a mushy bowl of deliciousness, and recommend someone trys it and lets me know how it is.

I will say that the picture on the box of cereal accurately represents the actual product. The cereal looks exactly as shown. But exactly as shown is NOT exactly like a cookie. The flavor is there, and I will never say that it is not a good cereal or not representative of a cookie; in fact, if you are craving a cookie, and all you have is Cookie Crisp, I'd say it's a pretty darn good substitute.

"Coooookie Crisp!"

This was my final cereal investigation, but not my last investigation in general. There are other questionable things out there, after all!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap you need a job.

ardie said...

I do it for the readers, job or not.