Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pitch Meeting

CBS Studio, 1970

Writer: So I have this idea for a medical show, a show to which all future medical shows will look for influence. Except for House.

Executive: That's great, we love influencing future TV! Tell me about it.

Writer: Ok. It's centered on a team of doctors and surgeons. We already pegged a good tall guy to play the lead. He's going to be smart and funny, and insightful. There's also a funny guy, like the comic relief, who will occasionally wear a dress and give terrific insight!

Exec: I like it so far, but what about a female lead? This IS 1970, we need a disco chick or something!

Writer: For that, we have a really sexy nurse. She's one of the few women around so everyone loves her. We'll give her a sexy nickname, but because she's head nurse she can also be insightful, which women viewers will love!

Exec: Excellent! Who else?

Writer: Theres the clerk, who is a nerdy kind of guy, but likeable and insightful, like Rick Moranis.

Exec: Who is Rick Moranis?

Writer: Oh right, we don't know who he is yet. Wait till Ghostbusters is written, then you'll see what I mean.

Exec: We need some people in charge at this hospital.

Writer: Well, we are still working out details, but there are other officers around the hospital who can bring stories and insight to each episode!

Exec: Wait, why would there be officers at a hospital?

Writer: And we would call it "Mobile Army Surgical Hospital," and set it in Korea, but really we'd be protesting the Vietnam War!

Exec: @#$#% &@ $%#!!!

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