Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm a slacker. I will admit it. No posts in a week? My goodness. But if you knew why, maybe you would forgive me.

1. It's not because I've been reading Infinite Jest. In fact, I have yet to begin it; I was finishing another book first.
2. It's not because I got a job. Still working on that.
3. It's not because I've been volunteering for Haiti. I am not George Clooney.
4. It's not because I have a pile of laundry. Ok it's partly because of that.
5. It's not because I was on a wild vacation to Iceland.

It's because my mental capacities have been put to work elsewhere. My friend and I have a writing project we started this week. It's super-secret. It involves books, computers, yoga, and stretchy black pants.

Tomorrow just for funsies I will put up a picture of my nice babka, a recipe I got via Sugar Plum. Nom nom nom.

Till then, thank you for your patience, I shall return!!

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