Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Couple Congrats...

...that won't be read by their recipients.... ;)

On this page on the right are links to a few blogs I read often. Two of them recently won awards at The Bloggies:

The Pioneer Woman won three awards, including Blog of the Year! Whoooaaa!

Cake Wrecks won Best Food Blog and Best New Blog, even though, by the author's own admission, it doesnt really count as a food blog. But hey, who is going to turn down a nice pat on the back?

And Emily of Sugar Plum might or might not have won a contest involving Top Chef (she didn't post the results yet)! Yay!

Tobyvision has yet to win anything.

Yup 2 posts in one's magical! On an unrelated note, I made granola again. It turned out GREAT this time! I'm calling that a win. Go me!

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