Friday, March 27, 2009

I <3 Cacti

Really, they are so cool! And prickly! And they are all over southern Arizona. That Guy made fun of me for taking so many pictures but I'm in NJ and we only have boring pine trees and such. Incidentally, there is no shade in Arizona. Its just small shrubs and cacti everywhere. I guess it's perfect if you are skinny enough and can hide behind a cactus. If you go, prepare to wear sunglasses constantly, and then just look like you are wearing sunglasses because the rest of your face will turn bright pink from all the damn sunshine. It's enough to make you wish you were one of those leathery old people with skin like a catcher's mitt. I bet you can go at them with a tattoo gun and not leave a mark.

Anyway here are a couple cool cactus pics, and one of us at a Spring Training Dodgers game.

We visited my family too, so That Guy must have been going crazy, being surrounded by so many sleeping Morrisons. More pics and stuff on that later, this will have to hold you off for now:

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Karen said...

:)))) So glad to see you guys...