Thursday, March 26, 2009


For someone who doesn't like eggs, I sure have become reliant on them lately. I used my last one the other day to make The Pioneer Woman's Baked Fudge, and now I'm out and want to make cookies. Boooo. Turns out, when you have a yen to bake something, you pretty much HAVE to have eggs. I usually get the six-pack, but maybe will upgrade to the full dozen to prevent such atrocities in the future.

Here is a dish that uses LOTS of eggs (recipe to come at a later date. I lost it). Crepes, just like mom used to make! (No really, my mom made these for special occasions...such as, when we felt like doing all the work and eating crepes for dinner.) The greatness about making these is that I currently use the same blender she did for like, my entire life! It works great but I think the blades could be sharpened. Oh and because you must be dying to know what is inside these cute little packages, here it is (not all in one crepe, btw): Sugar, apricot jam, grape jelly, cream cheese and blueberries, maple syrup.

Mmmmm delicious!

(*Footnote: In writing this post, I realized...That Guy and I had these for brunch one day, making that the ONLY time I EVER had crepes at home for anything other than dinner. Wow, what a legacy!)

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