Monday, May 25, 2009

Pix Msg

Have you ever flipped through all the pictures on your cell phone? I keep all of mine, and transfer them to my computer once in a while. Cell phone pics are funny because you end up taking random shots, usually with the intention of sending them to someone. Unlike camera photos, which are generally clustered around a specific event, phone pics are tiny snippets of day-to-day life. Little moments that you wouldn't even remember if it weren't for these. Looking through my own phone images, I'm reminded of the situations that led to them. Some make me laugh, some just make me say "Huh."

Often, I take pics of things I see in stores that I want to remember later for possible purchase. Like this cooler. Or these sneakers (never went back for them).

Some photos remind of us people who maybe we used to see all the time, and not so much now. What is Juan doing with his hands here? Only we know for sure. And never returned my pen and you put sugar in my hand sanitizer! Damn you! :::shakes fist:::

Here's one from when I went to Sonic in Arizona, sent to make everyone back home jealous, and one I snuck in the Met ("No photos!"):

Trips to the mall are ripe with photo oppurtunities. Here I am wearing a $1200 coat from Burberry (on sale for $647!). I just had to try it on. And I thought the Santa in the Apple store was strangly fascinating.

And this arm at Old Navy. What the heck was going on there?

My refrigerator one day a couple years ago. Soooo empty. 

And would you like to see my teeth? Here they are. You cannot un-see that now.

There are pics of brand new stuff. Everyone takes pictures of new purchases! Like my laptop, the day I got it. Had to leave work and see if FedEx left it (he got there right after me!). My car, on the day I got her. That's Mr. Kon in the background. You don't know him.

Here is the old Yankee Stadium. We went for a Red Sox game, and I had emailed myself this picture after taking it. I know that for sure, because somewhere around the 7th inning my phone fell out of my pocket into my beer, and completely died. This photo is all that remains of that day.

Speaking of stadiums, that was the old Yankee, here is the old Mets: Shea. It is completely gone now.

Then there are those moments you wish you had a real camera, and hope that the phone suffices. These pictures can come out ok, but only serve to prove that nothing is better than having a real camera to take nice shots.

This concludes my trip down memory lane. Thank you for sticking with me, this was a long one!


Karen said...

That coat looks nice on you! Too bad it was so expensive....LOL. And yes, now I can't unsee your teeth...LOL...

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