Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cheep Tix, Part 2

After my grousing about prices the other day, we ended up getting cheap tickets to a Yankee game from Stub Hub. $25 for $60 seats, and they were a great view, totally worth it.

We arrived very early, so that we could walk around and see the stadium a bit, and were not disappointed. The new digs are as extravagant as they say, with lots of space to walk around and sights to see. The line for Monument park was relatively short, so we went to check it out (the Yankee stars aligned for the field photo below, nice view from there.). The main entrance hall (see photo) is gorgeous, and wide open. Sort of reminded me of a train terminal or something, but it didn't exactly have that feel. There are photos of old time players and great Yankee moments all around. That Guy kept getting ahead of me because I would randomly stop to look at things and he'd keep walking. Next time, we will make it there early again and go to the museum.

In contrast to the sweet deal on seats, drink prices are out of control. Nine dollars for a bottle of Budweiser? C'mon! It cannot possibly cost that much for them to get it. The drafts at least come in a keepsake cup and are "only" $10.

We were bummed that the lead catcher for the Yankees, Jorge Posada wasn't starting, but he did come in the seventh inning to pinch hit, and later hit a home run in the 9th. Hip hip Jorge!*

l to r: Me in our seats, the awesome Yogi Berra in Monument Park, the Great Hall where you enter the stadium.

Huggins and Ruth monuments, view of batting practice from Monument Park.

Old Yankee Stadium, or New Yankee Stadium?

*Shhh...don't tell anyone: I'm actually an Orioles fan.

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Emily said...

Wow! That's amazing! What an experience to see a game. I'm jealous.