Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Easy-Peasey Apricot Chicken

If you are like me (and if you are, you know it), you have odd things laying around like apricot preserves. And you also cook two pounds of chicken at once, all the while insisting "I have to use it, it's going to go bad!." And then, it leads to a week's worth of chicken and rice dishes. These dishes come together really quickly, and often don't need many extra ingredients to make them a meal. My favorite way to flavor chicken is by sprinkling it with taco seasoning from the packet. It also works to put the pre-cooked chicken and taco stuff right in the water when boiling rice; it melds together nicely and you have a full meal in no time (I think I'm down to 10 minute meals now thanks to the wonders of Minute Rice).

Now back to those apricot preserves. I know apricot is a good flavor for chicken, so when I made the rice yesterday (this is all for a single serve meal), I put in cut chicken, a couple spoonfuls of apricot preserves, dried cherries, salt n pepa, and a dash of ground ginger (it sounded good but you couldn't taste it...needed more). Let the rice hydrate per package directions, and just like that, you open the pot and there's dinner! Throw it on a plate, take a picture, and serve! I bet this would be good with some fresh mint thrown in too. Mmmmm.

I love finding new ways to be lazy, it adds a great dynamic to my daily activities.

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