Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sloppy Joe

And I don't mean my dad! Zing!*

Sloppy Joes are something everyone seems to eat as a kid, but hardly ever as an adult. And when they do eat it, it's the Manwich sauce from a can. My recipe for from-scratch sloppies came purely by accident: I had two recipes, and somehow combined them in my head without realizing it. So after finishing cooking I discovered the mistake, but it was too late, and it tasted great anyway! And was quick. Suddenly I've become master of the 20 minute meal. Suck it, Rachel Ray!

Here's what I put in, in no particular measured amounts (Sorry, thats just how I roll):
1 lb Ground Beef
1 Onion, chopped, cooked with the beef
Bottled Chili sauce
(Almost the whole bottle, then about the same amt of ketchup and add more to taste)
Dash or so each of:
Garlic powder
Salt n Pepa

You could probably add more stuff to make the flavor more complex or something else chef-y, but sometimes simple is just fine, as with this.

*My Dad's name is Joe.

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Karen said...

I always loved Sloppy Joes and would still eat them today, but Russ doesn't like them. Blah. I can't complain though...he cooks me everything else :)