Friday, May 01, 2009

DMV of the Unemployed

The other day That Guy and myself ventured into beautiful downtown Passaic, NJ, to visit the unemployment center. You are supposed to go to a class and learn how to write a resume and interview for jobs. They threatened in the paperwork that it would be two hours long, and if you don't attend, you don't get benefits. We went down there, only to be 45 minutes early, because we weren't sure where it was and left plenty of time to get there. That Guy had to talk to a counselor-type person about benefits, so we did that with the extra time. There were two counselors available to answer questions: Spanish speaking and English speaking. He got to cut the line in front of some Spanish guy. Yay for non-English speakers! Wait, no...what? Damn.

Anyway eventually we sat in the little classroom waiting to begin, and the first thing the lady said (well, second after "good afternoon") was if you were promised your job back eventually, you can leave. Hell yeah! While we weren't officially promised this, I was told something vaguely similiar. Good enough for me; we really don't need help on resumes anyway.

Pretty much the whole experience was a waste of time. One of those pesky things you have to do once in a while to keep things going the way they should, like bribing your local police force so they don't shut you down for not having a liquor license.

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