Friday, May 08, 2009

Munching on Scones

I love baked goods. All kinds, but ones that come in portable sizes are the best. It's so easy to grab a cookie or biscuit or cupcake and just munch on it, and not feel too bad about eating it, unlike when you make banana bread and eat half the loaf in one sitting, but only cut it once so you can still say you had "a slice." I'm not even that picky...I gladly use Bisquick mix on a regular basis to make pancakes and one biscuit at a time; I have even used it to make scones (a recipe I made up myself, and turned out reasonably well). Scones pretend to be both a biscuit and muffin, so they are great for breakfast, or snack, or dessert, or all three if you are me.

These are easily the best scones I ever made (not that I have made too many as yet, but I'm trying to make a point). Cherry-oatmeal, slightly modified because the original recipe was for cranberry. They are moist and hearty, with just the right amount of crunch on the outside. You can taste every bit of the oats too, but it is not overpowering. I think I will try other variations of add-ins such as peanut butter and chocolate chips. These are now my favorite treat that is not what it is pretending to be (that position was formerly held by the bastard child of English muffins, the crumpet - hey crumpet, you know what you did!).

This recipe can be found at Joy of Baking.

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