Friday, April 24, 2009

2nd Order

Remember my second order of business with Betty, my new KitchenAid? Well here they are: Grandmother's Buckeyes! Look at the beautiful sheen on the chocolate coating! There is a secret to getting that, and I'm going to use it ALL THE TIME now. They turned out just right! I wish there was a pic of the insides but I plum forgot to take one. My grandmother used to make a huge batch of these, and then store them in this big old Tupperware cake carrier, between layers of waxed paper. Open the fridge, grab a few buckeyes. They lasted a long time, then we wouldn't have them till we saw her again. So to be able to make these now is a real treat for me! :) Next I need her chocolate chip cookies and these crispy ones she called Cracker Jacks. I might be willing to share the recipe if someone were to ask really nicely. In person. With money.*

*Ok ok just have to ask nicely. Partypooper.

Here they are chillin' out in the fridge pre-dipping. You could probably stop there and be done but who would ever want to?

Ah...a nice dish of buckeyes just waiting to be chowed upon.


Karen said...

Yum! Looks good! How about those butter cookies with the apricot preserves in the middle that your Grandmother makes? Those are my favorites!

ardie said...

haha Erin makes those sometimes, I don't have the recipe. They are a lot of work.