Monday, April 20, 2009

Buggy Situation

Sunday was going to be my day of rest. It was a surprisingly busy week, so the plan was to do some yoga and relax the day away. Maybe make some bread too. Mmmm. That Guy was out playing golf so I had plenty of quiet time ahead.

I woke up, played online for a bit, then decided to make breakfast. Now here comes the mistake of the day: while my English muffin toasted, I went over to open the dining room window. "Ew, a bug!" I said, as I looked at the floor. "Ew, anoth--OH MY GOD!" I said as I realized there was a veritable swarm of winged insects invading my peaceful living space, via the window - at least they weren't actually flying, though. At first, I freaked out and ran away. As I did so, I found a couple more wingless versions past the kitchen (which means they crawled through the kitchen while I was in it to get to that area). Filthy. Disgusting. Horrible.

I put on crocs and started Dustbusting while debating my options. That Guy didn't answer his phone, so I irrationally called a friend in the pest control business that lives 35 minutes away and could not possibly help me at that moment. He suggested they were termites. Great. Thanks Brian. He did however say there was a slim chance they would move in, so I should just clean them up. Eventually I realized the super was the best person to call. He came immediately, vaccuumed the worst of them for me, and assured me the exterminator would be called. From there, all I could do was bug spray every inch of window, clean the whole area top to bottom, and caulk the edges of the window to close up any cracks.

So my day of rest became my day of "vacuum the entire place for the second time in as many days and oh yeah Swiffer too and while you are at it clean out the entire office area because hey, you never know."

But guess who still managed to make French bread and go for a very brief jog? ME! Take THAT termites!

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Emily said...

OMG what a nightmare! Glad you made the best of it.