Saturday, April 04, 2009

I got laid off this week. So did my boyfriend (from the same place). I'm more upset than he is. He's actually happy. I was there for 5 years, felt like I pulled my weight. It seems they managed to layoff just about the only person who liked going there; I enjoyed my work, despite recent downturns and overall dumb decisions by management; liked my coworkers (for the most part); and did a lot to try to insure my place in the company, not even because I had too, but because I wanted to learn as much as possible (smart move, in retrospect).

Apparently that doesn't get you anywhere these days. It's an odd feeling, not having anywhere to go every day. Of course, I'm mad. The first day, I went through a full range of emotions. But that is wearing off as I become accustomed. What will I do with my days? I have no idea. I've been meaning to exercise more, so that will happen. And cooking and baking, so good thing I will be exercising! And it will be a great time for you to come over, because the house will be super clean!

Saying goodbye to people, I got a lot of shocked faces, and a lot of "but you are the only helpful one!" That made me feel good - like I was appreciated, and will be missed. Maybe I left my mark.

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Maria said...

Ahh, this answers my question. Sorry to hear that the economy has affected you both. sucks!!