Sunday, April 19, 2009


This past Thursday I planned to go to a job fair at my alma mater, Kean University. Since I was recently un-jobified, this was a great opportunity to get a head start on looking for something new to do with my life (sadly, turns out "Sit Arounder" is not a good career choice.) So with the rest of my life looming over my head, I polished my resume, put on my interview outfit, and set out toward greater horizons.

Only to find that the fair was postponed due to lack of companies represented. Thats right, only two companies commited to show at the fair, and one of them was only hiring unpaid interns. The economy is so far in the toilet that noone even wants to hire college students.

What a sad state of affairs we are in. I will keep you posted on my progress, but in the meantime, if anyone is hiring people to sit around, you have two great applicants over here!

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